Friday, 20 May 2011

Chess Academies across the world

The game of chess with chess sets has so many benefits and good effects on the players that there is a noticeable rise in the number of people who are gearing up to play the game seriously. They are zealously memorizing rules, practicing them with their peers, studying different techniques from books and following the moves of their favorite grandmasters. Expert and professional players advise people to join chess academies and clubs for better training and great opportunities.
Chess academies are found in large numbers nowadays in the cities. Even the suburbs have woken up to the importance and popularity of this game and started their own chess schools. Expert instructors are available to help people out, to give them useful tips and lessons, to demonstrate these tips and to help them overcome their problems while playing. Chess academies, in collaboration with schools, impart important lessons to enthusiastic kids as well. There are day long camps and workshops on various topics regarding chess.

The academies also organize several tournaments, championships, competitions in schools, rapid chess, different levels of competitions etc encouraging more and more people to take part in them. Another attraction is that famous grandmasters are often invited in noted clubs for sharing their experiences and imparting their share of knowledge to avid chess lovers.

Promising talents are recognized via tournaments and competitions organized by the academies. These people are groomed more and trained harder and sent up to participate in various other important local events. From there, they make it regional competitions, national and then the much coveted international tournaments. Stellar performances ensure their meteoric rise to fame. The academies hone these talents well enough to have them performing excellently with their international peers.

The contact details of these clubs and academies can also be found online. Some of these are founded and run by celebrity grandmasters and are major attractions among chess enthusiasts. They also refer books and other materials required making you experience a truly productive one.

So if you want to see the next grandmaster in your child, enroll him or her in the nearest chess academy and see how he/she progresses!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chess as a Profession

If chess is your love and your passion, then you might consider making a career out of it. If conventional jobs are not your cup of tea and you are a naturally gifted chess player, then a career in chess can assure of a lifetime of success and happiness. Of course, it demands a lot of hard work and patience and a real passionate zeal to excel and outperform others. But overall, the journey is fun and exciting as you get to play your favorite game on a professional level.

Most people take up chess as a hobby while still in school or in colleges. Many of them pursue different professions and still continue to play chess seriously. There are many others who dedicate their time and lives to playing chess only. People join various chess clubs and academies for receiving professional trainings. They get to play against their peers and from there they are sent to participate in various tournaments, local, regional or national. Excellent performances will ensure their speedy rise to fame. Winning prestigious titles will lead to their participations in important international level tournaments against stalwarts from different countries. One gets to interact with these people, learn about their styles of playing and get useful tips as well. Playing and performing at international levels will give you that much-needed exposure. The prizes on winning are world-class and the prestige it bestows upon one is unparalleled.

Once these players have made their names, they often get companies signing them for endorsing their products. They also run their own chess tutorial centers for which they often receive grants and sponsorships for various companies. They become popular faces amongst the public and often make media appearances encouraging people to start playing this fascinating game.
Of course the journey is tough with ups and downs. But if you love this game you’re required to stay calm and play with a cool head. That is the key to success in your chosen field.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Playing Online Chess

Have lots of time to kill but do not know how to do so exactly? If you are looking for some fun yet productive way to spend your leisure, the best thing to do is to indulge yourself in a game of chess. Being a board game, it will make sure that your free time will be spent in a most exciting way!

For the uninitiated, chess is a board game between two players but can also be played alone. There is a board checkered with alternate black and white squares forming an eight-by-eight grid and 64 pieces signifying different ranks in the game, which you get to move following certain predefined rules. The main aim is to checkmate the king and defeat the opponent.

The all-powerful internet has indeed revolutionized our lives with the advent of powerful technologies like broadband connections. Now, if you don’t have company for playing chess, then the computer with internet can give you company as well! There is a huge database of websites available online. They have games ready for you and another player to start off as soon as you enter. Some require that you create an account with them while many others allow you to start playing immediately. You will find yourselves pitted against some of the best and most experienced players. Your scores will be saved along with your ranks too. You can join chess clubs and groups and also play chess puzzles games. There are also regular updates on upcoming tournaments, chess related news across the world and online tips and tutorials available on various strategies of playing the game, foreseeing the outcomes and decide your moves accordingly. You can also download softwares that can let you play offline by generating games.

The best news is that these games can be accessed at absolutely no cost and no stringent rules and regulations apart from the basic website rules. So log onto any such website and start brushing up your chess playing skills. You never know; you might emerge as the next grandmaster!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Easy, Quick Checkmate

So now you have your chess set. But chess is a great game of daring and strategy that people love the world over. If you play badly and unintelligently, you will surely lose. But if you play well and use certain strategies, you are sure to win. Would you like to know an easy and quick checkmate which is guaranteed to help you win? If so, then read on. Remember that this method is not foolproof, but it is indeed a great asset.

The first move in the game is the most important. Some like to move the knight first, this leads to almost instant damage. Some try to bring out bishops and rooks. Sometimes some players like to bring out their queen first, to protect the other pieces. But you should move the king’s pawn first – either one or two spaces. To play it safely, move one space. This is the E2-E3 move. Then move your queen diagonally two spaces – she will go to F3. She should not be captured or moves for the next 2 moves. Your path through the F row should be absolutely clear of any obstructions. Then move your king’s bishop – diagonally 3 spaces put it to C4. This is a more vulnerable position than F3, so you might want to consider making this your third move and not your fourth.

Now take a look at the board. See that the space F7 cannot be captured by anything apart from the king. If so, move the queen straight up her own row, capturing the pawn at F7. This would place the king in checkmate, until and unless his queen has been moved. Now you need to follow your instincts, and you have landed your opponent in a checkmate which he cannot get out of. Thus you have won the game!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Introduction to chess

The game of chess is actually very interesting and requires a lot of mental work. It is a board game which is played between two players. In the chessboard there is a division in eight by eight grid format, with alternating colors of black and white with a total of sixty four squares. Over time the game has evolved into its current form. This new and recent form is the way the Europeans had initially played the game. In recent times a chess board is no more needed to play the game. If you are a chess fanatic then play it any time on the Internet. Or hold a beautiful set yourself from ChessBaron chess sets

When the game begins the players are called “White” and “Black” depending upon what colored grid they opt for. In the game of chess there are specific types of figures which each player plays with. When the game begins a player uses one king, one queen, eight pawns, two rooks, two nights and two bishops. Gradually as there is progress in the game the player has to go about making every move in a very intelligent way. Playing chess requires a lot of dedication and attention which makes the process of playing this game extremely interesting.

What makes the process extremely interesting is that each piece moves in a specific way. The king, the rook all has their own special moves which makes the process even more interesting. There are some special moves in the game of chess like “castling”. This move can specifically be done only by the king. Other popular moves which even non chess players are aware of is the checkmate. This is an extremely important move in the game of chess which is likely to ensure that the player has a chance to play. Chess is one of the most interesting board games which require skilled moves.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Best chess moves

When it comes to chess moves, you need to know more about what kind of moves are likely to make the process easier. Once you find out what is involved while playing chess you are likely to have a great time in the process. So be assured some excellent times while playing chess. Keep in mind that chess requires to be played during times when you are sure of the different moves that you are making. That is extremely important to the overall process of playing chess. You are also likely to be assured a great time because chess involves you to pay close attention to the moves you are making.

Find out how you can make the process of playing chess better. It is extremely interesting when you are allowed the chance to make certain moves. It gets easier because you need to be ensured some excellent chess options. Find out what is required because that needs to be taken care of. You need to know where you can make important moves like checkmate, stalemate or check depending on what is needed. This will make the process of chess a whole lot easier for you. Take a look at your options for excellent chess moves.

You can learn chess in many different ways. There are plenty of books which will offer you the option of playing chess really well. Apart from books, you can definitely find a lot of options like playing chess online. This is definitely a very interesting process in which you can entirely change the way the game is being played. Take a look at excellent deals and more when it comes to playing chess online. You will most certainly be guaranteed an excellent time if you are looking to play chess that way and have a great time.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Rules of chess

When it comes to playing chess there are some basic rules which need to be followed. First of all, keep in mind that the board is divided into exactly sixty four squares with alternate black and white checks. There are six pieces of varying numbers and the players are expected to either take up the black or the white piece or make a move accordingly. Unless the game of chess is being played in some kind of tournament players can take a lot of time to finish up the game. However the process of time management is extremely important when people are playing in a championship.

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the pieces on the board.

-The King- Now you must keep in mind that the piece of the king is allowed to move in any which way including diagonally. At any given point of time do not place two kings side by side because that increases the chances of one king being under attack.

-The Queen- It is relevant to remember that in any game of chess, the queen is definitely the most important and vital to the game. The queen is allowed to move in any which way across the squares. So you can move the piece of the queen straight or vertically or diagonally depending on what you need to do.

-The Knight- The Knight usually moves in an L shape pattern and does not have a fixed way of moving and resembles a horse.

-The Pawn-They are usually considered to be the weakest pieces in a game of chess. Pawns can be promoted to a higher order during the course of the game through special moves.

-The Rook-The rook is extremely small and is allowed to move both vertically and horizontally across the board.

-The Bishop-You can move the bishop diagonally across the board in a straight line.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Having fun with chess

Are you looking for a way to understand what chess is all about? It is a very fun and exciting game which requires you to make some of the best moves when it comes to playing the game properly. Chess is considered to be one of the best board games which require you to intensely focus and make some of the best moves as far as chess is concerned. You need to make sure and find out how some of the best chess games can be played. A lot of tournaments across the world have established Vishwanathan Anand as the reputed Chess champion of the world.

There are several different ways in which you can improve the game of chess. There are some special moves in the game of chess which you can master. The move of castling is extremely important and the king can only make this move. Another way to go about mastering the art of chess is through recording the moves that you make. This way you have a better understanding of all the mistakes you have made and ensure that they are not repeated the next time around. If you are dedicated to the understanding of chess then this is definitely a very good idea.

There is no easier way of improving the game of chess than playing it every now and then. This is undoubtedly the best way in which your moves in the game of chess can be well improved. You can practice by yourself by being both the players. Or you can easily use the online chess so that you can be guaranteed a whole lot of practice. This will most certainly ensure that you are assured the best kind of chess games. With more and more practice you are also likely to enjoy yourself a lot while playing the game.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


In chess, there are two kinds of pieces – black and white. White always moves first, and it alternates from then on. The ultimate goal is to capture the enemy king.
In chess, there are six kinds of pieces, each of them moves in a different way. Some, however, may have certain similarities in terms of movements. For example, no piece can land on a square which is occupied by another piece of the same color. But if a piece lands on a square which is occupied by a piece of the enemy color, then that piece is captured and removed from the board. The description and movements of each of the chess pieces have been discussed below.
The rook looks like a castle, or a small tower – it moves in a straight line vertically or horizontally. It can move any number of squares. Then there is the bishop, which can move in a straight line diagonally, in any direction – again, for any number of squares.
The king can move in any direction, and also diagonally. But he can only move one square at a time. This piece is the most essential part to the game of chess, as the capture of a king by the opposing color means the game is over. There is also the queen, whose movements are a combination of the rook’s and the bishop’s – it can move in any direction – horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, for any number of squares. This uninhibited movement of the queen’s makes it the most powerful piece in the game of chess.
There is the knight, which looks like a horse. It moves in a slightly irregular pattern which may be described as an “L-shape”. It can leap over pieces. Finally, there is the pawn, which can move forwards and not backwards, one square at a time unless they are on their original square.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Chess Company Video

A youtube video showing a chess sets store

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The central square of the board in Djambi

The Maze is the central square in the 9*9 board of Djambi. It is shaded with different color or marked with a symbol. It can be occupied only by the chief. The chief in the maze has control over the board. All the pieces can only move across the board.

If a chief is surrounded by corpses in all the side and he has no necromobile then the chief is dead and the remaining pieces of him are taken over by the chief of control. He retains these pieces even after losing the power. If no chief is in power then the pieces wait for the chief to come with power. The chief with power can’t be killed by the militant.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Who should I buy my chess set from?

Do you need a good chess set? There is no better way to get it than from ChessBaron. With their hard-earned reputation as an excellent dealer of all chess-related products, you will be assured to get more than your money's worth. ChessBaron is a UK-based company that sells all kinds of handcrafted chess sets, chess computers, chess clocks, chess boards, chess DVDs, and more. Their chess sets were handmade from pure wood such as ebony, rosewood, boxwood, and other types of wood. Prices are very reasonable considering the effort and time spent on each piece, even for low priced, high quality sets. ChessBaron’s themed sets are the company’s pride, and they can be yours too. Visit their site at for more details.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Why might I consider a travel chess set?

When you are regularly on the move, it is a prudent decision to get a travel chess set. This will ensure that you have access to a chess game anytime, anywhere. Travel chess sets are compact in size, and usually can be folded up to prevent the loss of tiny chess pieces. There is no better way to get a great companion for long road trips than a travel chess set. It you have company, the game can even continue at a restaurant while eating, or even while waiting in line. Popular chess sets are foldable and easily fits into your pockets--making it the perfect form of entertainment no matter where you go.

Monday, 12 July 2010

How do I get my kids to like chess?

Well, it's up to you. I don't think Susan Polgar and two of her other sisters really liked chess when they were still 3 or 4 years old. Just like normal kids of their age, I think, they would rather prefer to play under the sun, shout and have fun while doing hide-and-seek, or simply running around aimlessly. The greatest influence of the Polgar girls to love and excel in chess was their father. It really comes down to the parents' creativity on how to make kids appreciate or have fun in chess. You want to make your kid see the entertaining value of the game first. Forget about its practical use as a great mental exercise first. And, of course, you want to make sure that he or she gets good physical exercise unless you have an ambition to turn your kid into a geek.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Polish Staunton Chess Set in Sheesham Wood

Chess sets are supposed to embody the warrior spirit of the game. Hence, chess pieces are supposed to either display manliness or the grace and fierceness of the warrior. This set does is simply the opposite. It does not exude even the basic qualities of a fighting knight. This set portrays its knights in a somewhat academic look at first impression. The knights seem be wearing spectacles at first glance and their narrowed chests deviate, in a rather significant degree, to a usually more manly portrayal of the fighting knights in many chess sets. The other pieces are no better. Their slender, minimalist designs give the feeling of a pathetic formation of units in battle. This set is perfect for geeks!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Play chess with my dad, my little sister, or my little brother?

(By Caroline Turner - 9 yrs Old)

I would rather play chess with my dad than my brother, as my brother doesn't follow the rules correctly. But he is fun to play with sometimes. Sometimes I think maybe my dad lets me win, so I say, “don't let me win, play properly.” But I normally win anyway. My brother always wins, he just takes pieces randomly, and I'm supposed to as well. So it can be a little fun, but sometimes I'd rather play with my dad. I play with my sister as well, occasionally. She doesn't know how to play either. She can play a little, so I play chess with her sometimes, but mostly with my dad.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Classic Staunton Double Weighted Chess Set

A good professional chess set should feature style, beauty, and functionality. The Classic Staunton Double Weighted Chess Set can give you all of them. The handcrafted pieces are made from high quality Chidar and Sheesam wood. These are the favorite material of most chess carvers because of their density and alternating highlights of dark and light. The hair strands of the knights are well-executed, giving them grace and beauty at the same time. Any chess lover can easily fall in love with this set. The vibrant look of the knight adds a lively dimension to the game. This set is perfect for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Concave Staunton Chess Set

As good as its name may sound, this chess set is not exactly a work of art. A good chess piece connoisseur will find the overall design inferior. Even the knights, pieces that normally have more intricate decorations, are given few brushes of carvings here and there to simply distinguish it from other chess pieces. The knight at first impression does not even look a horse; it looks like a dog sans the eyes! While the materials used are good (chidar and sheesham), the craftsmanship is found wanting, giving each piece a mediocre look--definitely not a chess set worth having. Go for a slightly priced set that can give both quality and style.

Friday, 4 June 2010

M6009 American Staunton in Sheesham and Boxwood

While this set is a nice one in itself, it has nothing new to offer for those looking for novelty in chess sets of pieces. The sheesham and boxwood pieces are carved in ordinary fashion. The only good thing about this set is the harmony of colors between the two sides. The rich cream color of white pieces is in perfect blend with the dark brown color of the black side. Each piece has a felt-lined base, giving an impression as if they are floating on the board. The king stands at 3.75 inches making it a commanding piece on the board. Aside from this mundane features, the American Staunton in Sheesham and Boxwood is just one of the chess sets you will encounter everyday.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

M2041 The Moore Contemporary Chess Set

This set was not named contemporary without reason. The Moore Contemporary Chess Set is a perfect example of how far you can deviate from conventions without actually improving the traditional look of chess pieces. The poor attempt to integrate contemporary styles to chess making does not do justice to the wonderful traditional chess pieces that has survived for several centuries. This set is not even worth buying. It is a mediocre rendition of contemporary style. The pieces look like the common depictions of ETs in most movies to date. The Moore Contemporary Chess Set can be good gift to your alien pal if he visits you, but never for earthlings.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

ST2002 Sherlock Holmes Chess Pieces

Themed chess sets are usually too boring or too interesting, with nothing in between. Clearly, this set borders on the interesting side. With so many variations in chess sets to date, it is no longer a challenge to find what is it that can help you show the uniqueness in you. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, then there is nothing else that you can look for in this set. Each piece is very well-decorated and features the physical characteristics of the figures they were patterned after. Even the pawns received an excessive amount of ornamentation normally lacking in normal chess sets. It is simply a well-done set.

Monday, 17 May 2010

M2038 Hannah Bud Rosewood Staunton Chess Set 3.5 inch King

If you have been playing chess for a long time using the traditional Staunton set, there will come a time that you might wish to give yourself a break by using a themed set, perhaps. With Hannah Bud Rosewood Staunton Chess Set 3.5 inch King, there is no need for that. See for yourself Staunton set at its finest. If you need quality, and at the same time interesting features on your chess set, this is the most ideal choice you can have. This set comes with 2 extra queens--one for each side-- to give your lonesome king a hearty administration of his kingdom. Since the set comes from ChessBaron, you can assure yourself that this chess set will still be functional when it meets your grandchildren.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

M2031 Very Large Philippino - 6 inch King Chess Set

I am not normally comfortable playing with overly big chess pieces, especially the kings. I personally prefer shorter but fully decorated pieces, but with this set I can forget my preference for a while. The reason why I like smaller pieces is that they are usually well furnished with good decorations or are just simply fun to look at. The Very Large Philippino - 6 inch King Chess Set is not only well-decorated for me, but is also shows handsome simplicity I rarely find in bigger pieces. Each piece of this set perfectly complements each other on the board. Both sides present a wonderful team making me forget that they are meant to battle each other endlessly.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Chess Champion 4.5 inch King Staunton Chess Set

Aside from the bigger size of chess pieces, this set can be rated quite easily since there is nothing much to look for. While not exactly mediocre, the pieces should have been given more details to capitalize on the size of each piece. While the king stands at 4.5 inches with a 1.8 inch base, it simply looks ordinary enough. The knights' design is simple given the fact that they are supposed to receive most decorations in the set. The only good thing about this though is its perfect triple weighted base. You will be assured that height will not be a factor in moving the pieces around because of the weight.

Friday, 7 May 2010

How my little brother plays chess.

I am 9 years old. My dad loves chess. I love chess. My little brother seems to like chess, but its no fun playing him as he doesn't play properly. He calls the pawns pom-poms! And he always cheats and ends up winning because he moves the pieces however he wants. When he was younger, as soon as he could, he picked up the king and said "I won!" Although I tell him that the knights moves in an L shape and that the bishop moves diagonally, he doesn't listen and he then moves the pieces however he wants. He always says I'm playing the game wrong! I want to try to teach him to play chess properly and I'm sure he'll start playing chess correctly eventually.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Why does chess have a geeky reputation?

Most do not see chess as a game for geeks only. There are excellent chess players who build muscles of their body to better improve the muscles of the brain. From grandmasters to simple players, chess is simply the most amusing, inexpensive source of true fun for them. The misconception might be coming from the nature of the game itself. Chess is a game of logic and strategy. It requires concentration for several minutes to hours just to finish a game. The people who hold the view that this game is for geeks does not really know chess at all except, maybe, the basics. Their inability to grasp the strategies and tactics involved push them to associate the game with geeks. That is the most lame of excuse they can come up with to excuse themselves from playing it.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

If I join the chess club at school will I get to date the cute girl in the club?

Women can sometimes be confusing matters, joining the chess club is one step closer to showing her how intellectual you can be, but showing off your skills is even better! Do you feel perhaps you are not the chess champion? That’s fine too! Girls LOVE gifts! One way to woo your chess-loving companion into your arms is going to Chess Baron UK and buying her a special gift, perhaps the Alice in Wonderland themed chess set with a sleek, leather case for her to carry it in? Shop smart and show her that you care with her own personalized chess set, she’s sure to fall for you!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Why more kids should play chess and less should watch TV, by Caroline Turner.

Chess is more exciting than watching TV. TV rots your brain and with chess you are actually doing something and thinking for yourself. I'm a 9 year old girl and I find that playing a game of chess is much more satisfying than watching TV or playing on the computer. Chess helps you think and concentrate. It helps you solve problems and it helps you with your school work systemically rather than looking for inspiration. Once my little brother and sister can play chess (they are only 6 and 8), we will be able to play chess on long car journeys and even chess tournaments which will make the car journeys seem quicker.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

If I play chess will the girl in the chess club like me?

If you like that girl in the chessclub don’t try joining the club and trying to act like a Disney hero who wins his ladylove by turning into a math genius cum basket ball champ. Because life is not a movie, loser! You just have to be content either by giving up all hopes of ever going on a date with that girl or just play chess for own interest. Though you could join the chess club and learn the game-if lose out on her, you can still be proud of yourself for learning a marvelous game like that of chess.

Well relax, buddy just a thought…why not you ask her out, while competing for a game in gestures. The trainer might throw you out of the class but the girl just might appreciate your effort and plan to accept your proposal! But dude get real, a girl in a chessclub most often will be very smart and will definitely have her priorities set right. So if you think you are already smart, cute and gifted enough and you just need that chess club tag on you to impress her then go on…who’s stopping you? I you are not then be very careful it will be awe fully embarrassing to get you’re a** kicked in front a whole bunch of chess club members.