Monday, 17 January 2011

Introduction to chess

The game of chess is actually very interesting and requires a lot of mental work. It is a board game which is played between two players. In the chessboard there is a division in eight by eight grid format, with alternating colors of black and white with a total of sixty four squares. Over time the game has evolved into its current form. This new and recent form is the way the Europeans had initially played the game. In recent times a chess board is no more needed to play the game. If you are a chess fanatic then play it any time on the Internet. Or hold a beautiful set yourself from ChessBaron chess sets

When the game begins the players are called “White” and “Black” depending upon what colored grid they opt for. In the game of chess there are specific types of figures which each player plays with. When the game begins a player uses one king, one queen, eight pawns, two rooks, two nights and two bishops. Gradually as there is progress in the game the player has to go about making every move in a very intelligent way. Playing chess requires a lot of dedication and attention which makes the process of playing this game extremely interesting.

What makes the process extremely interesting is that each piece moves in a specific way. The king, the rook all has their own special moves which makes the process even more interesting. There are some special moves in the game of chess like “castling”. This move can specifically be done only by the king. Other popular moves which even non chess players are aware of is the checkmate. This is an extremely important move in the game of chess which is likely to ensure that the player has a chance to play. Chess is one of the most interesting board games which require skilled moves.

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