Sunday, 30 January 2011

Easy, Quick Checkmate

So now you have your chess set. But chess is a great game of daring and strategy that people love the world over. If you play badly and unintelligently, you will surely lose. But if you play well and use certain strategies, you are sure to win. Would you like to know an easy and quick checkmate which is guaranteed to help you win? If so, then read on. Remember that this method is not foolproof, but it is indeed a great asset.

The first move in the game is the most important. Some like to move the knight first, this leads to almost instant damage. Some try to bring out bishops and rooks. Sometimes some players like to bring out their queen first, to protect the other pieces. But you should move the king’s pawn first – either one or two spaces. To play it safely, move one space. This is the E2-E3 move. Then move your queen diagonally two spaces – she will go to F3. She should not be captured or moves for the next 2 moves. Your path through the F row should be absolutely clear of any obstructions. Then move your king’s bishop – diagonally 3 spaces put it to C4. This is a more vulnerable position than F3, so you might want to consider making this your third move and not your fourth.

Now take a look at the board. See that the space F7 cannot be captured by anything apart from the king. If so, move the queen straight up her own row, capturing the pawn at F7. This would place the king in checkmate, until and unless his queen has been moved. Now you need to follow your instincts, and you have landed your opponent in a checkmate which he cannot get out of. Thus you have won the game!

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