Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chess as a Profession

If chess is your love and your passion, then you might consider making a career out of it. If conventional jobs are not your cup of tea and you are a naturally gifted chess player, then a career in chess can assure of a lifetime of success and happiness. Of course, it demands a lot of hard work and patience and a real passionate zeal to excel and outperform others. But overall, the journey is fun and exciting as you get to play your favorite game on a professional level.

Most people take up chess as a hobby while still in school or in colleges. Many of them pursue different professions and still continue to play chess seriously. There are many others who dedicate their time and lives to playing chess only. People join various chess clubs and academies for receiving professional trainings. They get to play against their peers and from there they are sent to participate in various tournaments, local, regional or national. Excellent performances will ensure their speedy rise to fame. Winning prestigious titles will lead to their participations in important international level tournaments against stalwarts from different countries. One gets to interact with these people, learn about their styles of playing and get useful tips as well. Playing and performing at international levels will give you that much-needed exposure. The prizes on winning are world-class and the prestige it bestows upon one is unparalleled.

Once these players have made their names, they often get companies signing them for endorsing their products. They also run their own chess tutorial centers for which they often receive grants and sponsorships for various companies. They become popular faces amongst the public and often make media appearances encouraging people to start playing this fascinating game.
Of course the journey is tough with ups and downs. But if you love this game you’re required to stay calm and play with a cool head. That is the key to success in your chosen field.

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