Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Playing Online Chess

Have lots of time to kill but do not know how to do so exactly? If you are looking for some fun yet productive way to spend your leisure, the best thing to do is to indulge yourself in a game of chess. Being a board game, it will make sure that your free time will be spent in a most exciting way!

For the uninitiated, chess is a board game between two players but can also be played alone. There is a board checkered with alternate black and white squares forming an eight-by-eight grid and 64 pieces signifying different ranks in the game, which you get to move following certain predefined rules. The main aim is to checkmate the king and defeat the opponent.

The all-powerful internet has indeed revolutionized our lives with the advent of powerful technologies like broadband connections. Now, if you don’t have company for playing chess, then the computer with internet can give you company as well! There is a huge database of websites available online. They have games ready for you and another player to start off as soon as you enter. Some require that you create an account with them while many others allow you to start playing immediately. You will find yourselves pitted against some of the best and most experienced players. Your scores will be saved along with your ranks too. You can join chess clubs and groups and also play chess puzzles games. There are also regular updates on upcoming tournaments, chess related news across the world and online tips and tutorials available on various strategies of playing the game, foreseeing the outcomes and decide your moves accordingly. You can also download softwares that can let you play offline by generating games.

The best news is that these games can be accessed at absolutely no cost and no stringent rules and regulations apart from the basic website rules. So log onto any such website and start brushing up your chess playing skills. You never know; you might emerge as the next grandmaster!

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